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About Global Healthcare UK and its group of companies

Global Healthcare and its group of companies and network is a UK based pharmaceutical and healthcare brand that specialises in the procurement of approved licensed generic and branded pharmaceutical products, dressings, surgical products and devices. Established for over 35 years of which the last 25 years have involved importing and distribution throughout the world from its central office within the city of Birmingham we have developed strong and extensive relationships with associate companies both within the UK and internationally. We work continuously with our clients and partners within the UK and worldwide to provide stock of the highest quality and standards, in volume, and at competitive prices. At Global Healthcare we strongly believe that the key is to provide a consistent highly reliable service throughout the strong associations we have with both customers and suppliers. Being strongly involved with healthcare provision ourselves with our team of doctorsand pharmacists at grassroots level this ensures our commitment to providing the best for our clients and thus for your customers/patients. All products supplied by Global Healthcare are UK and EU approved

The Team

Our team appreciate the need for quality products and the importance of health promotion through evidence based medicine as they see from their own everyday experience in clinical settings:
Dr. G. Singh graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBchB) from the University of Birmingham (UK).

Dr. G. Singh
Dr. A. Singh graduated MBBS (Kings College London) and BSc (Hons) Medical Science and Management (Imperial College London)
Dr. A. Singh
H. Kaur graduated MPharm (Aston University) and Independent Prescriber (Keele University)

H. Kaur
Dr. G. Singh, also known as Michael, became a Doctor of Medical Dentistry at the world renowned University of Semmelweis in Hungary. He is skilled in all aspects of dentistry with a special interest in Restorative Dentistry.
Dr. M. Singh
Dr. A. Kaur graduated with a MBchB and is MRCGP & FSRH certified. Dr. A. Kaur has been a qualified doctor for over 10 years.

Dr. A. Kaur